Rotary Compressor Simplified

Use of compressors is common for cooling from residential to commercial areas and from offices to factories. Compressors are not only used in refrigerators but also in air conditioners and even in cars.

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Rotary compressor is a device in which the fluid is moved through the system and it is used for compressing air, power vacuum pump, moving fluid inside a car and many other similar devices. Rotary compressor has a very simple system of functioning and it has a central spinning rotor and there are a number of vanes in this type of compressor that keep the compressor functional. Rotary compressors are highly adaptable to direct drive by induction motors or by multi cylinder gasoline or by diesel engine.

Rotary compressors are preferred by a great many due to its numbers of qualities. Rotary compressors are compact and their size is highly adaptable by many buyers. Moreover, most of the other compressors are quite costly in their price whereas rotary compressors are relatively inexpensive. Rotary compressors are different than other compressors in another regard. Most of the compressors need quite a lot attention. They need to be seen quite often and to be cared a lot but rotary compressors do not require as much care as many other compressors require. Rotary engines are available in the three types of vanes in market. These three types of vanes are slide vane-type, lobe type and liquid seal ring-type. Slide vane-type rotary compressor has a longitudinal shape of the vane and this shape is more popular in market.

Rotary compressor compresses the gas and this system works by the mechanism of positive displacement. Rotary compressor uses two meshing helical screws that are known as rotors. Compression of gas is been done by rotors. The two rotors maintain precise alignment of the compressor. Lubricating oil flow between the spaces of the two rotors. Lubricating oil does transfer mechanical energy between the driving and driven rotor. In the rotary compressor, gas enters from the one side which moves the threads. Movement of the threads causes rotation of the screws. Rotary compressor is very effective and its effectiveness depends upon clearance of surface in between rotors. Moreover, surface between rotors and chambers should also be clear. Rotary compressor does not require suspension of the compressor in spring season. The size of the compressor varies from 10 cubic feet per minute to several thousand feet per minute. As far as oil is concerned, there are two types of rotary compressors. The one is called oil free compressor in which oil is not used whereas, the other is called oil flooded compressor in which the oil flows from the cavities of the compressor.  The control scheme of rotary compressors depends upon start/stop, load/unload, modulation, variable displacement, variable speed and super chargers.

There are many advantages in using rotary compressors. Leakage level of oil in rotary compressor is quite low as compared to other compressors. There are low parasitic losses with rotary compressor. Rotary compression exhibits internal compression with the ability of device to compress air within the housing. In short, it can for sure be said that rotary compressor is the best option among compressors.


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