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Gas Compressors, another piece of automated technology helps in increasing the pressure of gas and in lowering its volume. Compressors are identical to pumps as they both perform nearly the same function. Both of them assist in raising the pressure of liquids and gases and can transport them via pipes.

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Centrifugal gas compressor is used to rebate the volume of gas as gases are easily compressible. In case of liquids, it’s a little different as some liquids are incompressible while some are compressible. The basic task of a pump is the shipment of and pressurizing liquids.

Centrifugal gas compressor is of two types. First is hermetical and the other one is semi-hermetical. Determining which one to use depends on the situation in the relation they compress gas or vapor. The Hermetic compressor is endlessly sealed with one chunk of steel so it cannot be opened incase its damaged and repairing becomes compulsory. Then it has to be repaired completely. Semi hermetical compressor can be replaced as it’s in a gigantic cast metal shell with gasket seal.

Many Indian firms are immersed in manufacturing centrifugal as compressor. These include Universal industrial plants manufacturing co. (p) ltd, San Air Tools, Gajjar compressors private Ltd, Indmark, shiv engineering, Shivam enterprise, Man Diesel and Turbo etc.

Centrifugal gas compressor:

Centrifugal gas compressors are used for raising the speed of gas by using a rotating disk or impeller in order to push the gas to the rim of the impeller. The major uses of centrifugal gas compressor are in the stationery service in the industries to refine oil, chemical, petrochemical plant and in natural gas compressing process. This kind of centrifugal gas compressor is of 100 horsepower (75 kw) to 1000 of horsepower. Diversified staging of centrifugal compressor can be of intense pressure, could be 10000 psi (69 MPa).This kind of compressor is used in various types of snow making application such as, ski resorts.

Centrifugal gas compressor is normally used in small gas turbines and in medium sized gas turbines. The holding power or the volume of the compressor is record in NM3/ hour.


Before you start using a centrifugal gas compressor a 3 days course has to be done which uses dynamic simulation miniatures of a compression system. In order to control this you would have to learn what buttons are fixed on it and how it does it actually work.


This application certainly has a lot of merits. They are used almost everywhere! From refrigeration and air conditioner equipment refrigerant cycles like vapor compression refrigeration, in industry and manufacturing to supply compressed air for all types of pneumatic tools, in gas turbine and auxiliary power units, in pressurized aircraft to provide atmosphere pressure at high altitudes, in automotive engine and diesel engine turbochargers and super chargers to oil field re-injection of high velocity natural gas to improve oil recovery.

Operating limits:

Centrifugal gas compressor has a minimum speed below which it cannot work and It has maximum speed and beyond this speed the level of machinery will likely become very critical and danger-some and be controlled to lower speeds. Stonewall and choke can also take place in one process out of two.

Centrifugal gas compressor system is widely used in industries and has pharmaceutical uses.


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