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Centrifugal air compressors are used to enhance the pressure of a gas and it is been done by reducing the speed or velocity of the gas. This compressor is of mechanical mechanism.

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Centrifugal air compressor is capable of handling the great amount of gas at low pressure. This compressor can mange all but 3500 psi pressure. Centrifugal air compressor is being used now a day even for handling greater pressures too. Medium to large volumes of gas can also be handled now by Centrifugal air compressor.   This compressor discharges the compressed gas in a smooth manner. Centrifugal air compressor uses centrifugal force in the same manner as that of a compressed pump. In the compressor, particles enter into the impeller. The impellor helps the compressor to compress the entering air. A turbine is used inside compressor for letting the air out. A number of blades do work in this air compressor.

Centrifugal pump in centrifugal air compressors is highly effective in producing the higher pressures. A high level of the compressed air is used in a lot many ways and it is highly effective for commercial purpose. There are many uses of centrifugal air compressors and some of the uses of this compressor are. Pneumatic control device, pneumatic valve operators, pneumatic sensors pneumatic motors.

Wetness in the centrifugal air compressors is not wasted away a bit and it converts all the wetness into pressure. It is natural with the centrifugal air compressors that when air temperature increases, moisture in air decreases.  Temperature changes very little to that of the change in pressure of the air in this compressor so it changes the moisture.   Serious damage could be happened in the moisture compressed air systems and the condensed moisture can cause corrosion, water hammers, and freeze damage thus it is necessary to minimize the problem of heat and moisture in the air systems. It is highly important to minimize heat and moisture in the air system because in case of failure of it condensation of moisture can cause erosion freezing and water hammering.

Centrifugal air compressors are highly effective air compressor available in the market because it has a single stage screw that is rotary and it is of oil flooded type. Such air compressors are highly efficient and service life of such compressors is quite long as compared to other compressors. Such compressors are available in market in many shapes and their shape increases their demand. Centrifugal air compressors are considered as the best serviceable compressor. These compressors have a very high out put and the quality of air is considered of very high quality. Such compressors are the only compressors that can produce high quality air up to 600hp. Such air compressors are regarded as the best in the cooling system hence most of the people prefer Centrifugal air compressor for getting the cool air.

There are some disadvantages of this compressor too. The initial cost of centrifugal air compressors is too high and its installation cost is too high too. But maintenance costs of such compressors are too low.


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