Centrifugal Compressor | Types And Applications

We can control the speed or velocity of the gas by using mechanical means or instruments. Such instrument that produces high pressure gas by decreasing its speed is called compressor.

centrifugal compressor imageFlow or transportation of liquid is an important function of compressors. There are two types of compressors and hermetic types of compressors are used to compress gas.

Centrifugal compressor is also called as radial compressors. These compressors have a number of items in it for effective functioning. A centrifugal compressor has pumps in it that perform very important function in the working of the compressor. Moreover, fans and blowers are also the integral part of such compressors.  Dynamic turbo machines have always been the functioning items of pumps, fans and blowers even in the primitive or conventional style but Centrifugal compressors have increase the working capacity of compressors to many fold. Commercial usages of the Centrifugal compressors are much higher to that of any other Compressor because they are energy efficient and having the function of rubbing. Centrifugal compressor discharge pressure at a very high rate and it can be from 8000 to 10000 psi (55 to 69 MPa).  Centrifugal compressors have the quality of increasing the production of oil because gas is sent again in such compressors to increase the production of oil.

Centrifugal compressors are used in many different ways in different industrial units. Rather, such compressors hold key position in mechanical work. Centrifugal compressors are used in the pipe lines that transport natural gas to different refineries or such plants where gas is processed. Moreover, petrochemical and chemical plants also use such compressors in their plants of air separation which helps them to get purified gas. Centrifugal compressor is also used in small turbines of gas engines like APU’s and small aircraft gas turbines. Such compressors are regarded as the best performing processors in the arena of purification of air. Centrifugal compressors are very easy to prepare and its cost is also too low so such compressors are gaining more and more popularity day by day.

Centrifugal compressor is made up of different sizes and shapes and its vertical shape is considered as the most sophisticated and selling in the market. Centrifugal compressor is used for all kinds of the pressures of gas. These are also used for high pressure gases as well as for low pressure gases hence it is the kind of compressor that can be easily be chosen by any customer without the fear of performance.

Centrifugal compressor is available in the market in a lot many designs. Barrel types of processor are more commonly used in industry and steam turbines and motor drivers have compressors of centrifugal compressor as the best. Centrifugal compressors are used for gas storage and these are very important for the flow of gas in all kind of pipe lines. LNG, syngas & petrochemicals and Ethylene and derivatives have the usage of centrifugal compressor. As far as performance is concerned, centrifugal compressors have no other competitor in market that is too easy to install and that is too easy to maintain. Notwithstanding its initial cost is a bit high but these processors is more durable than any other processor.


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